Each day, pick a portion of Scripture to read. As much as it is recommended that you eventually read the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation, it is not necessary for you to do that. What matters the most is that you are opening the Bible everyday! The Bible is divided into Chapters and Verses, which makes it very simple to read a small portion at a time (5 mins/day). The Bible is also written kind of like a newspaper, in that it is divided into individual stories with headings over each one.

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5 Minutes per Day
Pick a place that you can get alone with God. For some people that is quiet room in the home, a walk through the woods, and even in the bathroom. There is no formula in which is right for everybody to pray, just talk to God like He is your friend. Take time to tell Him your needs, but always make sure to simply thank Him for every blessing He has given you thus far. Don't worry about offending Him if times are hard, He has really thick skin. He already knows everything, so don't be embarrased to share your inner thoughts ans struggles.
Always be sure to also just be still and quiet before Him in order to hear what He is saying. Afterall, prayer is a two-way conversation.
5 Minutes per Day
There is nothing more satisfying than sharing what you've learned about Christ with everyone. If it is with a fellow believer, there is a good chance that your iron will be sharpened. If it is with a non-believer, you have the great enjoyment of being a worker in God's great garden. Sometimes you'll plant, and sometimes you'll water. And on occasion, God will allow you to lead someone to accept Jesus as their personal Savior! Evangelism is the Spiritual food Jesus said He ate when in Samaria!
5 Minutes per Day